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1. Joel Comm Presents How to Become a Leading Recognized Expert in Your Field


3. Nik Halik Presents Social Media Dominance Digital Book

4. Amir Ahmad Presents The Growth & Culture Hacking Mastermind

5. Chris Farrell Presents Recurring Income: The Ultimate Business Model

6. Bob Urichuck Presents The ‘Buyer Focused’ Velocity Selling System

7. Elise Quevedo Presents Social Media & Twitter Domination

8. Mitch Carson Presents The Keys To The G+ Kingdom

9. Jimena Cortes Presents How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Get High Paying Clients

10. Ali Sabkar Presents How to Inject Personality into Social Media

11. Lasse Rouhiainen Presents Effective Social Media Strategies for 2014 and Beyond

12. Daven Michaels Presents Entrepreneurs Need a Global Strategy

13. Siddharth Rajsekar Presents How To Build A Powerful Blog That Actually Generates Revenue, On Auto-Pilot

14. David Cavanagh Presents The Do’s and Don’t of Mobile Marketing

15. James Reynolds Presents 5 Unwitting Website Mistakes That Are Killing Your Rankings, Leads and Sales

16. Ernesto Verdugo Prsents 21 Ways to Triple Your Daily Productivity Using Free Online Tools

17. Dave Crane Presents Speak and Grow Richer

18. Alex Kei Presents Become a Celebrity in your Market: How to sell more using the branding and marketing secrets from Show Business

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